Straight Walls For Kitchens

Matt Risinger, 10-July-2015

Timberstrand studs make very straight walls.

For most people, kitchens are or end up being the most important rooms in the house. Kitchens vary a great deal but essentially are places to prepare food and meet others (along with do most of the work that takes place in a house). We don’t often think about what we put into the walls behind the counters and cabinets and how that can make our kitchens perform just that much better.

Walls contain our electrical and low voltage wires; interior walls can contain plumbing and (if we have a second floor above the kitchen) hot and return air ducts. When we make the walls of dimensional lumber, the framing carpenter needs to sort through the lifts of lumber to come up with straight studs for framing these walls, as we will be putting appliances and cabinetry up against them. Our counter tops need to fit nice and straight or the variations will show. Later, as the house dries in, those studs may change shape as they desiccate.

One answer for curvy, warped walls is beam material. Timberstrand and laminated veneer lumber studs are manufactured straight and don’t change shape as they dry. Kitchen (and ensuite) walls stay straight against their cabinets and future cracking and twisting are reduced. They cost a bit more, so clients have to decide if the peace of mind is worth it but if you choose them, they help a lot.